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hi :)

Just discovered this commuinty

anyone doing b/teaching and b/arts?

would be a real trip to find someone on lj who is :p
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highschool? cool another teacher :p

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sif teaching ego driven teenagers... fuck that man.. i think of 30 of me at 14 and want to run a mile hehehe
i'm doing BTeach/BA... for about five more minutes. i've applied to change to a straight arts degree. the teaching part of the degree is totally weak... but the prac was awesome.
Hi Sylvia,

Im Salli. I just started b/teach and b/arts the other day! I am doing Primary at this stage, i might consider Early Childhood when i get some more information about it. Going to add you if thats OK
i'm doing b/arts, and doing a teaching degree later if that counts. ;)
I'm doing B/Arts (Hons)... maybe teaching later =)